My name is Aernout Schmidt. I share some of my thoughts and opinions on the blog .

I run a small enterprise (SE) named “” with four branches: Academics, Consultancy, Publishing and Studio. The current branch focuses on consultancy. I quote the introductory remark as stated in the main blog:

The domain of law and computer science is pre-occupied with modelling legal mechanisms that support modelling ICT-services. The domain of public procurement of ICT (and of innovation – they often go hand in hand) has similar preoccupations. As “of counsel” with Corvers Procurement Services and with SCHMDT Advocatuur, I provide consultancy services to procurement projects — often together with mr. Franke van der Klaauw-Koops, and mostly in the form of flash evaluations (in multidisciplinary teams called tender-boards).

I am professor emeritus in law and computer science. I have always, since 1980, been focusing on issues of design and specification, of computer programs as well as of public regulations and private contracts — most often when ICT services are in play and public procurement issues are raised.

After having read Dutch law, in statistics and requirements engineering, I am currently investigating complexity theory and its uses for additional  comprehension of the reasons and ‘reflexes’ that occasionally combine and prevent large projects from succeeding. Many ICT procurement projects tend to fall into this category.

As a professor emeritus I am free to be selective and to exclusively accept projects that I think can benefit from my specific expertise and experience (and that I concurrently find intriguing).

You are welcome to contact me for an exploratory conversation if you have a concern where you expect that my expertise might be of any use.